VILOCY Loafers Black

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Color: Black
  1. Velcro closure, 7 Colorful LED non-slip rubber sole, breathable and lightweight flying weaving fabric shoes upper.
  2. Shoes color: Blue, Pink, Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green
  3. Switch Instruction: Hidden switch button beside the charging port. Press it to switch on. With each press, it changes to another light mode. Press the switch for 8 times to all colors lights flashing, keep pressing for 3 seconds to turn off the power.
  4. Charge Instruction: Upgraded 400 mA large capacity battery, you can use cellphone charger or power bank to charge the attached USB charging cable, easy to find the charging port inside the shoes.Please don't wear the shoes when charging.Battery usage time: 9-12 hours, Get the battery fully charge: 2-3 hours for each.
  5. These Shoes are ideal for Festival/Birthday Gift/Evening Riding etc. It is the best gifts for your children.
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VILOCY Kids Boys Girls Upgraded

1.Switch hidden inside shoes, it nearby the USB port, you can press it to fix the shoe on one color, or flashing.
2.When charging, the light will automatically turn off until charging is completed.
3.Do not put the sneakers into water, you can use soft cloth to clean them.
4.Shoes contain a cable, but no chargers, please use your phone charger or connect the computer USB port to charge the shoes.
5.Since sizes can vary between brands. Please refer to the following size chart, measure your foot length and than choose the size fit your best.

Size Chart
Insole length=Foot length+(0.5cm to 1.5cm)
9 M US Toddler=25EU=Insole 16.2cm
9.5 M US Toddler=26 Lable size=Insole 16.8cm
10.5 M US Little Kid=27 Lable size=Insole 17.3cm
11M US Little Kid=28 Lable size=Insole 18.0cm
11.5 M US Little Kid=29 Lable size=Insole 18.6cm
12.5 M US Little Kid=30 Lable size=Insole 19.2cm
13 M US Little Kid=31 Lable size=Insole 19.8cm
1 M US Little Kid=32 Lable size=Insole 20.4cm
1.5 M US Little Kid=33 Lable size=Insole 21cm
2.5 M US Little Kid=34 Lable size=Insole 21.6cm
3 M US Big Kid=35 Lable size=Insole 22.2cm
4 M US Big Kid=36 Lable size=Insole 22.8cm
4.5 M US Big Kid=37 Lable size=Insole 23.4cm

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